Why Us

EgoPays is the most advanced, innovative and professional online transfer and receiving payments service, and we specialize in producing prepaid cards with a click.
Our service has several distinct advantages over the competitors:

  • Secure payment
    Protect Your Online Financial Activity With the most strict security measures, pay or send funds through the secure EgoPays system that is protected by the most strict security standards.
  • Get money quickly
    Receive funds from customers, friends, or family, it will take only a few seconds after the transfer took place until you will see the money in your account.
  • Getting a prepaid card with a click
    Want to start working today with a prepaid card? Stay in front of the computer, sign up in the site and in minutes, without leaving the house or standing in long queues, you will be able to start taking action in our smart system.
  • Details of Live Transactions
    Make transactions, transfer payments – Go to our live back office system and after just a few minutes after the transaction were set, view and monitor the transactions which were executed. A customer sent you money – check and verify the payment arrival at the smart system – in a matter of minutes you can confirm receipt of the money in quiet and calm mind.
  • Withdraw money at any given moment
    Our smart system allows you to withdraw money from it to your bank account at any given time and for a minimal fee.
  • Maximum security
    Maximum convenience with full availability while ensuring the world’s most strict security standards, giving you peace of mind and financial security for a smart financial management.